Co-Learning Assessment Hub

The Co-learning Assessment Hub was created as an online space for educators to share ideas, practices, resources, along with feedback about student assessment.

Many of us are familiar and comfortable with our summative Assessment “of” Learning strategies and tasks. However, formative Assessment “as” Learning is often more difficult for us to plan, implement, and manage. Yet, these are the practices that assist teachers to monitor student success and difficulty during the learning process, offering opportunities for us to be more precise in personalizing instructional supports for each and every learner.

In addition, current technologies offer new, innovative and engaging ways to assess as students learn, gathering data in an expedient manner for teachers.

For these reasons, the focus of this Hub includes a sharing of technology based resources to facilitate student assessment.

We hope visitors will find relevance in the resources shared on these pages. Please feel welcome to offer input and feedback, as we remain open to improving the site to make it better.

Thanks for visiting!
The EARTH Team.